Welcome to Stroll for Your Soul

Welcome to our Stroll for Your Soul blog post. I’m Caroline from Kereru Publishing in New Zealand and I’m one of your Stroll guides for the 21 days from 7 September.  I’ll be Strolling along different beaches on the Whangaparaoa Peninsula. I’m delighted to have joined Janice MacLean, host of the Prayer Bench in Canada in writing this material. Janice will be Strolling with us in Riverview, New Brunswick in Canada.

Please say hello and tell us where you will be Strolling! Leave a Reply

I’ll add to this Blog post as we go along. You’re welcome to send me any photos and I’ll upload theme here. You can also add in the Leave a Reply section as you also Stroll

Daily Photos and Thoughts

Day 1 – Pilgrims. What WayMarks did you encounter today to show you the way? Here’s some photos of WayMarks leading me on.

Day 2 – Home. “You can go home again, so long as you understand that home is a place where you have never been.” Ursula K. Le Quin

Day 3 – Are we there yet? – Here’s some WayMarks I found this morning on my Stroll that reminded me of the hope found on the journey. Sunbeams on a cloudy day, an avocado tree with fruit not yet ripe, a new daffodil not fully flowering, a sign for our street… a reminder to go slow. (Caroline)

Day 4 – The Gift of Time – Photo from Kereru Publishing’s Facebook Page posted by Andrew Gamman reflecting on the circle of time.

Day 5 – Acorns – Janice Strolling in New Brunswick, Canada, picked up an acorn to put in her pocket.
Day 6 – Ramble – Caroline picked weeds and windfall blossoms and made a Sand Saucer prayer
Strolling with Sally Carter in Napier, New Zealand. Sally sends this picture “Reflecting on the hope and vulnerability of new life”

Day 7 – Home of Our Soul – What ground was beneath your feet as you Strolled? Did you find a patch of sand or dirt, a driveway, footpath, deck or floor to stand on and feel the ground?

Day 8 – Strolling around Cornwall Park in Auckland.

Day 9 – Songs as WayMarks – Do you sometimes look at something and just feel like your soul is singing?

Day 10 – Unto the Hills – Andrew Gamman went off to the hills at Shakespear Regional Park to Stroll today.

Strolling through the farm land at Shakespear Regional Park.

Day 11 – Lost and Found. – Into my email inbox came today’s Stroll and right next to it this blog post called ‘Found’ was delivered. I enjoyed the connection with today’s Stroll and thought other Strollers might too.

Day 12 – Architectural WayMarks. Andrew found a few when he was out Strolling today.

Stroll Day 13 – Compass of My Heart – Here’s some images from Caroline’s Stroll. Navigating daily life is actually a bit of a challenge for Caroline and the opportunity to reflect and Stroll in the company of others is refreshing. Check out Alf Taylor’s post in the comments below on Strolling today too.

“Catching glimpses” is one of the treasures I’ve found Strolling this September. Glimpses of Spring and glimpses of a brighter tomorrow. As I’ve Strolled and freed my heart of ballast… there’s been room for peace to settle and new hopes to be planted. – Caroline reflecting on Day 13 with pictures from the previous day.

Stroll Day 14 – Landscape Whispers. – Andrew Gamman is documenting his daily Strolls with visual image. You don’t have to be a friend of his on facebook as he’s set them for anyone to view.

Day 15 – Gift of the Creator – Did you have a taste of maple syrup today? Caroline went for her Stroll at Red Beach on a stunningly beautiful, warm morning. It definitely felt like Spring!

Day 16 – WayMaker – Another stunning Spring day on the Whangaparaoa Peninsula. Caroline’s Stroll took her to Arkles Bay.

Meanwhile, Strolling in New Brunswick, Canada, Janice is experiencing the beginnings of Autumn which officially begins tomorrow in Canada. She offers this photo from her Strolling.

Day 17 & 18 – Waymakers – Have you been considering who your WayMakers are in your life? Books are certainly big WayMakers for me too. The most influential book in my entire life was written near Janice’s part of the world in Prince Edward Island, Canada. It’s hard to really describe how much my love for Anne of Green Gables has shaped my life journey. I read it when I was 7 or 8 years old and I reread it every year. I love all of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s writing. It’s been such a delight and a soul gift to be able to Stroll with Canadians both in May, when many were from PEI and we’ve even had several Canadian Strollers in September too. – Caroline

Day 19 – Navigating with the Senses

Day 20 – Spring WayMarks – Do you have a Spring picture to share with us?

Elaine Bolitho strolled in the Wellington Botanical Gardens and found this lovely reflective spot
Janice shares this photo, ‘Not a spring picture. I have a fall picture … I find this seasons variance so amazing. A tree, outside our apt building, laden with pods. Folklore would say a winter of much snow will arrive! 

Day 21 and beyond – A Final WayMark – We are at the end of our Strolling. I hope you have enjoyed the journey. We’ll be back in Spring next year. Our Stroll will take place in May with Prayer Bench and in September here with Kereru. I leave you with some final photos from my last couple of days of Strolling in Awhitu Peninsula.

16 thoughts on “Welcome to Stroll for Your Soul

  1. Thank you to everyone who introduced themselves, contributed comments, poetry and photos on our Stroll blog post. I hope you’ve found refreshment in your own time, space and place as you’ve Strolled these last three weeks. – Caroline


  2. Good afternoon fellow strollers,

    Thank you Janice for your vivid description of how you walked the contemplation trail with courage and opened your eyes along the way. A poem comes to mind which I offer here:


    Black coffee at sidewalk cafes
    with chairs and tables like gaudy insects.

    It is a precious sip we intercept
    filled with the same strength as Yes and No.

    It is fetched out of the gloomy kitchens
    and looks into the sun without blinking.

    In daylight a dot of wholesome black
    quickly drained by a wan patron…

    Like those black drops of profundity
    sometimes absorbed by the soul.

    that give us a healthy push : Go!
    The courage to open our eyes.

    Tomas Transtromer. Swedish Poet

    Meanwhile peace and courage to open our eyes wherever our feet my take us


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  3. Greetings fellow Strollers,

    Sometimes, the hills are clouded in mist, the way forward, is not seen, requiring the traveller, to remain in a place until the mists clears and the way forward may be taken one step at a time.

    Meanwhile peace in within the mist and in our sunshine moments

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  4. Hi Fellow Strollers,
    I’m really enjoying these strolls and look forward to more. I’m strolling around Browns Bay on Auckland’s North Shore although today’s stroll took me around the Viaduct area in Auckland.

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  5. Yesterday I strolled early morning in Ooltewah, Chattanooga, TN, USA. In a relatively suburban street I had two deer run past me!
    Today I strolled in the 36 degree Celsius temperatures of the same area but at midday. I am far away from home and hearth but still among friends. Its a great blessing to be confronted by and reminded of how much I take for granted in my own home in Auckland, New Zealand.

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  6. Hi Strollers, Greetings from the east coast of Canada in the town of Riverview! I’m happy to be strolling with you in the almost-autumn season here. It’s a quiet morning here and I am off to stroll in the quiet before the winds and rain forecast later today. Peace on your day, Janice

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